10 Unique Wedding Favors You Need To See

Wedding favors are a small gift to thank your wedding guests for attending your special day.

As you get closer to your wedding day, you’ll want to start looking for wedding favor ideas that will fit into your wedding theme and budget. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or environmentally-friendly options there are lots of wedding favors to choose from! If you’re looking for unique wedding favor ideas, don’t worry! We have you covered with everything you can dream up. Explore these top recommendations for your one-of-a-kind big day.

1. Salt and Pepper Shakers

The best things in life come in pairs, and that goes for your wedding favors as well.

Spice things up and add these adorable yet modern salt and pepper shakers to your tabletop decor and give your guests a fun, symbolic party favor. Your friends and family will love to take these trinkets home and use them again and again!

Give your guests this unexpected, original treat and ensure they don’t go home empty handed!

You’ll be spoilt for choice so select a pair that represents you as a couple or matches with your wedding theme. Click here to see some of our favorites from Simply Wedding Favors.

2. Chopsticks

Photo: Simply Wedding Favors
Want to keep the idea of pairs and duality but don’t fancy the salt and pepper shakers?

Why not go Asian-themed with wedding chopsticks.

This very popular wedding favor. Stainless steel and have an etched circle accent near to their tips. They are 9 inches long and enclosed within a delicate and floral patterned sleeve. A tiny white grosgrain ribbon ties them neatly making a sweet and practical favor for your guests.

3. Clean Heels

A great little favor for your guests is Clean Heels by Dees Boutique.

These discreet High Heel Protectors are perfect for outdoor weddings and garden parties thanks to their non-slip base which makes them great on uneven surfaces ensuring your heels don’t get stuck in the grass or on decking!

You’d expect most of your wedding guests to have dressed up for the occasion. So provide the ladies with some Clean Heels to protect their expensive shoes, they will help them move around better in heels. it will also help all of them stay balanced whilst taking photos.
Your guests will definitely dance the night away with comfortable and clean heels by Dees Boutique!

4. Personalised Couple Portrait stickers

For a highly personalised wedding favor, you can include some mini wedding stickers with portraits of you as a couple.

We love how Desseign Things’ couple portrait looks as cute wedding stickers! A truly simple way to make your wedding favors uniquely yours. Plus, you can get a larger couple’s portrait to display at your wedding which you can take home with you for keeps.

5. Confetti

Photo: Ario Narendro
Give out small packets of confetti to your guests which will not only put them in a celebratory mood but it will also greatly enhance your photos!

Delicate and pretty, confetti is thrown into the air in celebration when the bride and groom leave the ceremony as a married couple.

Pro-tip: Just make sure it’s allowed at your venue. In terms of confetti types – you are spoilt for choice from natural petals to biodegradable tissue paper.

6. GentleBites Macarons

Photo: Gentle Bites
Some couples might lean towards a more traditional wedding favor by giving out a sweet treat.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. How about giving out some delicious macarons for your wedding favors?

These are not only delicious but also highly customisable. You can ask for the macarons to be customised to your personal style and wedding color scheme. Find out more about personalised macarons favors by GentleBites here.

7. Photobooth Keepsakes

Wedding photobooths add a fun, whimsical touch to your big day. These wedding photo booths combine a unique activity with a keepsake favor, and they’re always a major hit with guests.

Some photobooth packages will even throw in multiple backdrops and props for your guests to use.
There are several types of wedding photo booths to choose from, so be sure to do your research before booking a wedding photo booth company for your reception.

Click here to compare browse Photobooth offers on HitchPlanner.

8. Dried Flower Rosetums

If you are having a more intimate wedding with only close friends and family. You could consider going for a more extravagant wedding gift such as gifting your bridesmaid with a Rose Jar Rosetum.

These specialist dried flower bell jars are a speciality of Ava Rose Studio and each one is made to order so will be as unique as you are.

9. Dessert table - take home sweets

A dessert table is a popular alternative to a wedding cake. If you like variety or are looking to save some money, it’s a great option. Benefits include having a variety of dessert types and flavors available for guests to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions.

Plus, you can leave some takeaway boxes for guests to take home some extra desserts at the end as a wedding favor that they have selected themselves.

10. DIY

Photo: Pinterest
For those who have a green thumb or are looking for zero waste options – succulents are a great little favor that you can offer your guests.

Click here for more DIY ideas.

While you might be tempted to DIY your wedding favors, know that the process may be a bit time-consuming, so make sure you have the time and energy to assemble your giveaways.

Bonus: Wedding favor boxes

Complete your wedding favors by placing your chosen trinket or sweet treat in a wedding favor box.

These are not only cute but also functional and portable to make sure that your guests go home with their wedding favors intact!

See more at Dees Boutique.


Wedding favors can be as small or as extravagant as you wish. They are highly personal to the couple and are a fun way to say thank you to your guests.

The first step to choosing the perfect wedding favor is to figure out your budget. Wedding favors may be small but if you multiply by the number of guests you invite the cost will perhaps increase greatly.

Then, choose the type of favors you’d like to give out, whether they’re edible gifts, cute keepsakes or something else. Your favors should also correspond to your wedding’s theme, whether it be rustic, chic or traditional. Click here to see all wedding favors vendors on HitchPlanner.