5 Essential Questions to ask your Wedding Emcee

A Master of Ceremonies (MC) or “Emcee” in short is a service you don’t want to miss out on at your wedding!

Every wedding is unique and so are the guests!

Having guests from all walks of life attended one event can sometimes be a little chaotic and, therefore, needs someone who guides it through your event.

Your Emcee creates the right atmosphere and tone and ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and exactly as planned without you having to focus on the details.
Your wedding emcee will facilitate wedding entertainment activities like party games, photo slideshows or even put on a musical performance!

They’ll take care of your guests on your special day whilst you get on with enjoying your wedding!
Hiring the right wedding EMCEE can make or break your wedding.

Therefore, it’s essential to ask the right questions when hiring one.
Keep reading to find out the top 5 questions you should ask before hiring a wedding Emcee.
Photo: Twist Photography

What sets you apart from the competition?

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and you know you have to find the right emcee for this special day.

Make sure you have already chosen your wedding theme and venue before booking an Emcee.

Approach more than one Emcee and find out what sets them apart from one another!

You will want your Emcee to be confident, highly-organized and good in verbal communication. He or she must also be charming and entertaining enough to connect with the crowd.

You want also want an Emcee who will also be able to provide musical entertainment.

A pianist at your wedding can create a relaxing and unique atmosphere, provide your favourite music in the most romantic way and then set the tone of the rest of the day.

Photo: Linus Lee & Masterpiece Entertainment

What languages do you speak?

Every wedding is different, and so is the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the emcee what languages they speak, especially in a multilingual city like Singapore. For example, emcees Nelson and Kaitlyn Lin can entertain your guests in nine languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Japanese, Hokkien, Bahasa Melayu, Malay, and Thai). Having a multilingual emcee will benefit you if you have friends or relatives who speak another language or dialect than other guests. And we are sure that you don’t want to spend your special day translating. If you’re going to have a more traditional Chinese wedding and invite older relatives who only can speak particular dialects of the Chinese language, hiring an emcee who covers those is the perfect solution for you and your guests.
Photo: Emcee Kaitlyn

What stage size do you need?

When planning your wedding venue, consider the emcee’s space and the equipment they will bring to the stage. Emcee Linus Lee who plays the piano needs enough room to play and entertain your guests. With the seating chart tool on HitchPlanner, you can place the seats and tables for your guests and plan the stage’s position.
In times of COVID-19, you can move your wedding online and still create a fun and memorable time with your guests. Emcee Linus Lee offers a fantastic virtual wedding package to make your special day possible. If you are interested in this type of wedding, check out one of our latest articles, “How to plan an epic (virtual) wedding (Singapore edition)”.
Photo: Linue Lee & Masterpiece Entertainment

Do you have any additional costs not included in your package?

Planning your wedding is very exciting, but always keep your budget in mind, so you will not have any liabilities afterward. That’s why you should ask the emcee if there is any additional cost to consider. To put some weight off your shoulders, HitchPlanner offers to pay your wedding vendors in 3 interest-free instalments. Furthermore, you can ask the emcee for a personalized quote for your wedding in all languages he or she speaks.

What is your refund/ cancellation policy?

Photo: Emcee Elias
Asking the emcee about the refund or cancellation policy is an essential question, especially in times of COVID-19, where your wedding plans may have to be postponed or even cancelled. HitchPlanner offers the “HitchPlanner Guarantee,” which covers most vendor categories to ensure that you get the emcee service you paid for; otherwise, you get a refund of up to 94%. Are you planning your wedding during a pandemic? The article “How To Wedding Plan During Coronavirus Pandemic” will help you; it gives you great advice for planning in such a challenging time.


Hiring a professional emcee is a fantastic choice that makes your wedding even more memorable and gives it the right tone. Every emcee is different, and deciding which one to choose is no easy task, but with these questions you can find the perfect emcee to make your wedding unforgettable.
Wedding planning is very exciting but also a time-consuming project. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right inspiration. We at HitchPlanner consider everything when providing tools and information on our website. You can plan your wedding with your best friend through the collaboration function and send your invitation per e-Mail to your guests. We created many boards on Pinterest for creative inspiration, where you can browse and search from food ideas, over bridal nail ideas, to wedding invitation ideas.
HitchPlanner also offers articles about diet experiences from actual brides and the best tips for your perfect wedding, and our countless vendors provide the best products and services in Singapore. In addition to an emcee, you may want book a photographer who creates memories for your special day. A videographer can also film your wedding and of course the performance of the emcee and the dances.
All in all, planning a wedding will be one of the most adventurous tasks you will ever accomplish in your life. And we at HitchPlanner are more than happy to help you by providing all these useful tools, interesting articles, creative boards on Pinterest, and of course, the amazing vendors we work with.