6 ways to hold a (close to) zero-waste wedding in Singapore

Zero-waste wedding

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Your partner popped the question and you said yes? Congratulations on the moment you have been waiting for! Now it’s time to plan your wedding. Are you concerned about the environment and want to hold a zero-waste wedding but not sure exactly what to do? No problem – we have gathered some tips to help you minimize your impact on the environment and make your big day special in every single way.

1. Go for recycled or paperless invitations

  • Eco-friendly paper options: As wedding vendors are becoming more aware of the environment, finding invitations that are printed with vegetable and soy-based inks on recycled paper is not so hard anymore. You can also try seed paper that grows into plants! Make sure your guests know that their invites are recyclable or plantable.
  • E-invitations on HitchPlanner: If you think printing your invitations would cost more than necessary, going digital is a great way to reduce expense and manage your guest lists. Not to mention, it’s completely zero-waste!
    HitchPlanner can help you create your own invitations and send them out at no cost. Moreover, all your RSVPs are easily tracked online and you can send a reminder message to your guests. Save paper, save money, and most importantly, save your time! Find out everything you need to know about Wedding Invitations here.
  • 2. Keep decorations to a minimum

  • Avoid balloons and other unnecessary decorations. As balloons are made of non-biodegradable material, they are extremely harmful to the environment and the animals. Choose a venue that already has decor and skip all the extra ornaments.
  • If you want your wedding venue decked out with your favorite decorations, consider renting them. At HAITHSG, you can find plenty of options for rental like floral arch, backdrop, or furniture at a reasonable price, which will not only match your wedding theme but most vendors will include set-up and clean-up.
  • Use plant-based confetti. Confetti seems to be a must at weddings and if you don’t want to cut down on that, opt for plant-based options such as lavender, dried flower petals, fresh herbs, and leaves instead of paper or plastic confetti. Don’t tell me you think this biodegradable flower confetti is not pretty enough?
  • Try dimming the lights and use beeswax candles. Not only do beeswax candles smell sweet like honey and last longer, but they also do not release toxic chemicals into the air when we burn them.

    Pro Tip: Use decor items you already have at home or can repurpose for your home. This way, you don’t need to rent or donate the leftover decor (and obviously, don’t need to trash them).
  • 3. Choose a sustainable wedding dress and suit

  • If you are into vintage and rustic look, get a second-hand. Say yes to cost-cutting and reduction in the number of textiles being thrown away!

  • Support sustainable brands that make clothes with recycled materials, up-cycled or sustainable fabrics.

  • Rent your wedding clothing, don’t buy them. Considering the fact that most of us will only wear ONCE, buying wedding clothes is wasteful. Not to mention that you may break the bank getting one, then have to think about how to preserve it and where to keep it. Believe me, it’s not worth the effort! For a luxury bespoke suit and jaw-dropping wedding gown rental, we recommend Korean Artiz Studio.
  • 4. Choose reusable utensils and glassware

  • Avoid throw-away or single-use cutlery and plastic water bottles. Instead, select zero-waste bamboo utensils, banana leaf plates, serve drinks in glassware or upcycled jars.

  • Do not use straws if not necessary. If that’s the option that works best for you, choose bamboo/paper/stainless steel straws that are environmentally friendly.

    Pro tip: Gifting guests with reusable cutlery sets or straw sets, or even jars with their names written on are such unique wedding favors that people won’t be able to forget!
  • 5. Use sustainable flowers

  • Select preserved florals. A dried bouquet means it can keep its shape the way it was on your wedding day! Ava Rose Studio has an in-house preservation method that enables flowers to maintain a completely natural shape for several months and even years as if they were freshly-cut. Say what?!

    Bonus: they can also turn your wedding flowers into their stunning signature Bell Jar Rosetum that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.
  • Photo Credit: Ava Rose Studio
  • Use local and seasonal blooms to support local farmers and reduce emissions from transportation. For example, Amaryllis or Anemones will be in peak bloom during the cold weather months. A wedding in spring would look great with Peonies. Roses and Ranunculus are available almost all year round so no matter what season you are getting married in, they are a great choice!

  • Use live, potted plants like eucalyptus or mini succulents, and even fruits as centerpieces instead of cut flowers. These table decorations support natural ecosystems and are lovely to give as favors!

    Pro Tip: Your guests can either bring the plant-based eco-friendly wedding favors home or… eat them (pretty cool, right?).
  • Photo: Jenny Hast

    6. Reduce food waste

  • Opt for plated dinners that are pre-portioned to avoid wasted food. If you go for a buffet and (probably) have a ton of extra food, consider donating it to local charities. There are lots of food rescue organizations in Singapore so work with your caterer and let them know you would like to donate the leftovers to make sure they are properly packed.

  • Provide guests with up-cycled glass jars for leftovers and encourage them to do it with joy (I mean, you have a ready-to-go meal for the next day so why not?).
  • Finally, let’s be honest. Most weddings include a huge cake that rarely gets eaten and it is there just for show. Instead, why not going for something simple like some macarons that would definitely set a sweet impression on your guests? Your loved ones are sure to love these edible favors. Gentlebites has some of the most amazing macarons collections for you to choose from!
  • Photo: Gentlebites


    We hope these tips have helped you to gain more specific insights on how to have (an almost) zero-waste wedding in Singapore. If you successfully hold your green wedding, don’t forget to share the moments with us on social media and tag @hitchplanner! For more inspirational ideas and exciting features coming your way, head to our Pinterest and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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