8 Reasons Why You Should have a Weekday Wedding

Having a weekday wedding used to be out of the question for most couples.

The reality of a global pandemic is that most couples who were planning to tie the knot in 2020 have had to postpone to a later date, making it difficult to find a weekend in 2021 and beyond that isn’t already booked.

One obvious solution is to have a weekday wedding. Here are 8 reasons why you should get married on a weekday and how to do it.

If you want to save yourself the stress and some serious dollar, keep reading!
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1. Your preferred vendors are more likely to be available

If you have your heart set on a particular wedding photographer, makeup artist or florist, there’s a much higher chance they’ll be available midweek than weekend.

Bonus: When Should You Book Your Wedding Vendors?

For an average engagement period of 12-18 months, the common guidelines to book your wedding vendors are as follows:

Venue – 12+ months
Wedding Planner – 12+ months
Photography and Videography – 10 months
Caterer and Cake – 10 months
Florist – 9-10 months
Entertainment – 9-10 months
Officiant – 8-9 months
Guests Accommodations – 8 months
Hair and Make-up – 6 months
Transportation – 5-6 months
Print and Stationary – 4-6 months

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2. You’re more likely to secure your dream venue

Choosing a weekday wedding means that there are a lot more days available to book. So, it’s much less likely you’ll have to compromise on your dream venue, with most wedding venues available on alternative days throughout the week.

If you’re interested in having a smaller wedding or an alternative venue read this article: 5 reasons to have an intimate non-hotel wedding in Singapore
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3. It’s a good excuse for guests to getaway

With air travel being mostly off-limits, everyone is feeling house-bound. A midweek wedding is a great way to encourage people to enjoy some time exploring locally. Plus, a wedding is always a joyous occasion to lift everyone’s mood.

You could even extend your nuptials by booking a yacht to continue the celebration!
Cruise to the pristine and idyllic Lazarus Island, which is about a 30min away from Sentosa, where you can enjoy a wonderful time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, without breaking the bank.
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4. You definitely won't need to postpone again

It’s impossible to tell how long this virus is going to hand around (even if we’re optimistic).

If you’re tired of waiting for a big blow out wedding with 200+ guests, why not consider a smaller, more intimate weekday wedding?

Plus, if you want to involve guests who aren’t able to attend or are abroad you can always organise an amazing videographer to document your big day. Another option would be to have a virtual wedding and livestream directly to an online host of your choice. For more information read: How To Plan An Epic (Virtual) Wedding (Singapore Edition)
To make the day extra special, why not engage an EMCEE to host your wedding virtually.

Using the latest online video meeting platform, Masterpiece Entertainment will bring your special moments to all your love ones, without needing to come to a physical venue.

5. You’ll Save you and your guests some Money

For anyone travelling a significant distance or for anyone who just doesn’t want to be on driving duty, hotels are always more affordable on weekdays.

Plus if you decide on a weekday wedding, you’ll probably want to downsize your guest list as not everyone will be available. A lower guest count = less spending.

As with availability, your preferred vendors may also have lower rates for off-peak seasons and weekdays.

Lastly, venues are also generally less expensive during a weekday. For more money savers: 8 Hidden Wedding Costs you haven’t thought of
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6. More flexibility around dates

There are a lot more weekdays than weekend days so if you’re set on getting married in spring for example, you’ll have a lot more options in terms of possible spring wedding dates.

Couples, then, should be open to other days of the week—especially, Mondays. Since it immediately follows a weekend, guests from out of town are able to travel in and get settled before the wedding ceremony. Plus, you’ll also be able to greet them properly and perhaps throw a warm welcome party where loved ones can imbibe and truly take in the locale.

A Monday wedding also increases the likelihood of your preferred vendor being available.
Couples should be open to other days of the week—especially, Mondays.

7. Your guests won't be double booked

Most people look forward to their weekends and are likely to have weekend getaways and nights outs planned. However, it’s very unlikely that your wedding guests already have something planned on a day in the middle of the week in six months time. 

8. It’s a day off work

Although, annual leave can be precious to some, going to a wedding is surely worth a day off. Plus during the pandemic, your guests will have a stack of annual leave up their sleeves and ready to use.

Just make sure that you give your guests advanced notice to make sure they leave themselves enough leave and preparation time. For more information on wedding invitation cards including where and when to send – read this article: Your guide to Wedding Invitation Cards in Singapore and check out Pinterest for more inspiration.
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Choosing a wedding day is a hard choice for most couples and there is a lot to consider.

A weekday wedding maybe more suitable for some couples whilst others may still want a weekend wedding. Whatever your choice is, make sure that you are both happy with your wedding day and be sure to do your research and book early.

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