Updated: Planning a wedding in Singapore in 1 month (2020/2021 edition)

Is it possible to plan a wedding in 30 days?

Absolutely! And HitchPlanner is here to help you plan your dream wedding in 30 days every step of way. 

For couples in Singapore, planning a wedding is one of the most unique experiences in life, right up next to graduation, or having your first child. And every romantic movie has taught us that organizing a wedding is interesting, fun, and romantic.

If you talk to brides and grooms that have “graduated” (happily married), they will tell you that it is one of the most challenging but rewarding events that they have ever planned. You have to work through persistence, showing love and care, and making compromises. They however did not mention the part on organising a wedding. It is all fun and interesting until you actually have to start planning and organising the nitty-gritty details of your wedding. That’s when all hell breaks loose and you realise why people fight so much before the wedding.

Average time spent planning a wedding in Singapore: 9 to 12 months.

Planning a wedding in Singapore, especially in a short period of time can seem like mission impossible. There are so many things you need to take into consideration, compare and choose from, that you end up having not enough time or energy to deal with. However, it is absolutely possible to plan a wedding in 30 days. 

If you are organising a much bigger wedding with 200 guests or more, then you would have even less time for organisation!

The traditional way of planning a wedding in Singapore is archaic

The traditional way of planning a wedding in Singapore is super time-consuming – no one has time to email or ring up every single vendor trying to find the perfect photographer, florists, hotels, wedding entertainment, videographers, and wedding planner experts. The thought of this seems exhausting enough!

Imagine if you have to go over dozens of each of these. From one shop to another, bringing notes and ideas with you, trying to compare prices, ideas and solutions while estimating which one you like best and is available for your dates. While still being within budget and getting the best services & value for your big day!

You will also need to check and confirm details with your vendors (goodbye weekends) to make sure they got the right date and time.

Clear communication is essential!

What about your friends and family? Make sure that people involved in your wedding, be it your future in-laws, your parents or your bridal party, feels included in the whole process. After all, they’ve made themselves available 24/7 to be of help and willing to go on this wild ride with you!

So, what can you do instead, how can you ease this entire process and make it easier, less time consuming, more exciting, and definitely simpler. Well, you can try organising it online, with HitchPlanner.

HitchPlanner: Search, plan and book all in one place!

On HitchPlanner, you can plan your entire wedding in less than a month, with a few clicks from your computer!

There is no need for endless driving, visiting shops and bringing a ton of materials with you for comparison!

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Step-By-Step Guide on planning your wedding in Singapore in less than 30 days!

Here is how you can planning your wedding in Singapore  with HitchPlanner:


1. Create your HitchPlanner profile & wedding website

Create your free HitchPlanner profile and start your wedding organisation (or we like to call it “project”). You can also create your own wedding website for free too!

2. Get our Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide & Checklist for all your organisational instructions

Get our Ultimate Wedding Planning guide on how to organise your wedding which includes everything from how-to’s to selecting high priority vendors, logistics, and all the details.

3. The best vendors from all fields, in one place – review & compare them

Go over our complete list of vendors for everything wedding related and compare their offers and reviews. In there, you will find several vendors for all the things you would need, from hotel venues to photography. You are able to see what services they are offering, contact them, and arrange everything via your computer or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. You won’t have to take a day off to visit different shops, or get lost trying to find them! Instead, you can log onto your HitchPlanner account and you will have a list of different vendors available in front of you offering you their services, right on the spot.

You can do everything listed below:

  • Browse by category
  • Filter by price or
    Dates that the vendor is available
  • Chat with your vendor to find out more details about their package
Covid-19 special Wedding Package for Singapore couples.

HitchPlanner has partnered with our vendors to give HitchPlanner couples exclusive access to COVID packages for weddings in Singapore! Examples of promotions included like:

  • No additional charges for postponed dates until end of 2021
  • $200 off photography packages when you transact on HitchPlanner
  • Healthcare worker working on the frontline, there is a special promotion of $288 off all  packages from one of our vendors!
  • And many more!

    Take this chance to save money for your wedding banquet! Planning a wedding in Singapore can be expensive (average cost of a wedding in Singapore is S$35,000 to S$60,000).
    Explore and book quickly before they get snapped up!

Start searching here.

(Each vendor listed on HitchPlanner COVID packages category will be different, subjected to availability and the terms & conditions stated in each listing)

 4. Browse, Share and Book wedding vendors

Sort out which vendors you have shortlisted and share them with your friends/partner. Once you have decided, you can contact our vendors and discuss the details of your wedding with them. HitchPlanner verified vendors are able to respond in real time, create bespoke wedding packages for you and confirm your booking instantly!

5. Pay securely on HitchPlanner when you book through us!

With several payment methods available like Visa, MasterCard, Amex. You can also pay via Rely with interest-free instalment! No need to apply for credit cards for wedding instalment plans now.

Plus if you transact and book your weddings through HitchPlanner, you get special deals on your wedding packages! i.e save $200 off on photography packages, 2 hours free casual photoshoot for any AD wedding package booked (saved $400), save 20% off rental of floral wedding arch, free groom’s boutonniere with bridal bouquet purchase and more.

6. Stay in touch with your Wedding Collaborator team any time!

With HitchPlanner Collaborator function, you can send an invite to your wedding coordinators or bridesmaids and include them in the wedding planning without getting on a call or get spammed with crazy group chats to discuss the details!

7. Stay in touch with your guests!

You can also create and send out e-invitation cards via Facebook, Whatsapp text message or your wedding URLs to your guests. You can even send a follow-up reminder if you haven’t received their RSVPs closer to your wedding date – super helpful!

8. Visualise your Actual Day wedding:

You will be able to visualise your wedding day by building your own seating plan! Your Significant Other (SO) and collaborators can log in and check in real-time to see how the arrangements are going.

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The Game Plan - Planninh a Singapore wedding in less than 1 month.
Week 1: Set out wedding budget, themes and expected wedding guests. Create and import all the info onto HitchPlanner wedding profile.

Wedding budgets in Singapore can range from $30,000 to $50,000 and can go up to $100,000. Explore wedding trends and inspirations here.

Week 2: Using the budget tracker, book priority wedding vendors. At the same time send out e-invites to your guests for them to RSVP.

Typical booking sequence
  • Solemnisation package
  • Wedding venue
  • Bridal package (gown rental, bridal accessories, suit rental, makeup, pre-wedding photoshoot)
  • Actual Day (AD) photography & videography

    Week 3: Create your virtual map for your wedding venue seating arrangement, assign seats and send your guest a copy of the map of the seating plan to let them know if they will be seating at the front of the room or at the back via unique URL on HitchPlanner.

    Go for venue visits and gown/suit fitting.

    Get wedding rings.

    Week 4: Confirm info and details with your vendors using HitchPlanner’s chat function. Go for a spa and enjoy a romantic staycation (giveaway here!) with your SO.


If we can use the internet and different apps to ease our everyday life, why aren’t we using it to simplify and speed up our wedding organisation too? Sign up for HitchPlanner and let us revolutionise your wedding experience like no other!

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