How To Spend Your First Valentine’s Day as an Engaged Couple

Valentine’s Day could be just a normal day that does not differ from any other day. However, it is the day to celebrate love for each other and appreciate each other’s presence. Since we are experiencing boring days because of pandemic, planning in advance to make this day special will bring a new feeling of refreshing, love, and excitement.

Back when you and your partner were dating, you probably stuck to the classic Valentine’s Day plan: cards, flowers, chocolates, and a nice dinner for two. As much as we love those tried-and-true, romantic traditions, now that you’re engaged, you may want to step it up a notch. After all, most couples are engaged for a year or less, which means this may be the only Valentine’s Day you’ll have with your partner before they become your spouse!

Plus, this year Valentine’s Day will be different from the past. While doing social distancing and following local guidelines, what are the fun, romantic and unique things you can plan on Valentine’s Day with your partner?

Here are a few suggestions for you to enjoy your day.

1.) Make a photobook

A picture is worth a thousand words. Although we take many pictures, organizing photographs is not easy. In mobile phone albums, there are a lot of pictures mixed together. Therefore, to organize those mixed photos and to remember your wonderful memories with your partner, it is a good idea to have one day to make a photobook. While doing this, you can have conversations which date you liked the most, met each other for the first time, and other beautiful stories of yours. Feature special moments and highlight memories, relive these moments and get your ideas for your wedding photos!
Photos by Ario Narendro
In addition to celebrating love and reminding the past memories, take time to plan for the future. Creating a bucket list is a good idea!

2. Take a romantic boat trip for two

Are you planning for luxury Valentine’s Day?

Booking a yacht would be the great choice! Everything needed for a romantic mood will be provided.

Why not pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a cheese and charcuterie board whilst watching the sunset.

3. Give each other gifts

Spend a week or days to think about what my partner would need and like to receive. A little appreciation and thought goes a long way!

Even if there is no gift, you can also write a heartfelt letter or leave love notes for each other to find.
Also, you can’t skip flowers on a special day! Flowers make a person’s heart rejoicing. After several days, not sure what to do with the flowers? You can keep them and decorate them on flower pots, but you can also preserve them as how they first look. Preserving flower bouquets can keep them for years.

4. Stay In and Relax

Of course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a huge to-do. You can always celebrate your love at home. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a romantic movie marathon, a candle-lit bath, or just your regular routine (plus an extra kiss and maybe a cute card), don’t feel pressured to make a big deal out of February 14th—especially since you both have a lot of wedding planning to do!
If the best way to your S.O.’s heart (or your own) is through food, use Valentine’s Day as a chance to show a little extra love.

Whip out your favorite cookbook and choose something challenging that you’ve never made before. Have fun together by turning it into an adventure. If you want a little more guidance, sign up for a cooking class that focuses on a cuisine or technique that is new to both of you.
Why not finish off the night by creating your own signature drink?

Celebrate Valentine’s day by creating a cocktail that represents the both of you together – experiment with your favorite flavors and get creative!

5. Plan your wedding

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean having to splashing out on a card, chocolates and a fancy meal.

Why not take the day to make some important decisions for your wedding such as sending your wedding invitation cards or selecting a wedding theme?
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Valentine’s Day is always unique day to each couple, so you should spend it in a way that represents the both of you!

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