How To Wedding Plan During Coronavirus Pandemic

Keep it going! Don't stop.

We understand that in the midst of uncertainty like this, it can be difficult to continue with your wedding plan. But like with all things, we need to keep the faith that eventually it will come to an end. Most important, we need to pull ourselves together and focus on what we can do at this point. So get yourself off the news or tv, put on some upbeat music and get yourself in the mood for some wedding planning!

We have put together a list of tips on how to combat against pre-wedding blues, here’s how:

1. Keep it going! Don’t stop

Have you just started your wedding planning? Picking out the colours and deciding on your wedding theme? Don’t stop and keep going. If you’ve been affected by what’s been going around, try not to let the negativity get into your head. The easiest way is to log onto Pinterest to source for what’s trending. Head over to our Pinterest account (www.pinterest.com/hitchplannerofficial). Time to get inspired and start creating visual board. Go wild and visualise how your dream wedding would look like.

2. Now You have more time to plan for your wedding!

Go back and revisit some areas in your plan. Was it the theme? Re-choosing the dress that you wanted to get? You can now afford to go through them again and see if they are still aligned with what you have in mind.

3. Think of other ways to view your wedding venue if you are unable to be physically present to inspect the location i.e, virtual tours etc.

You can also start creating your seating plan online with our wedding tool and send it to your wedding venue provider.

Pro-tip: Look out for user reviews online to see how was their experience working with a particular venue prior to your booking.

4. Most Wedding vendors have promotions all year round!

Take a look around and you will find tons of promotional packages available on the market. The key points to check out their refund and cancellation policies, it would depend on how soon you want your wedding to be.

5. If not, don’t be afraid to negotiate.

We would advise you to negotiate a flexi-deal with your wedding vendors if you are going to go ahead with bookings. Nobody knows how long this pandemic would last, by negotiating a win-win deal with your vendors before you confirm your booking would ensure that you are not going to lose your deposit in the event of postponing the booking date. This way, vendors can keep their businesses running with bookings rolling in and they can also keep their clients happy!

Snatch a good deal during this time!

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