Mistakes Every Bride Makes When Choosing Their Wedding Flowers

One thing that can come to the top of mind is wedding flowers when you are wedding planning. Because the right set of flower arrangements and bouquet will not only look great in your photos but also furnish your special day and finish off your wedding theme.

Unfortunately, when choosing their wedding flowers, not all brides will get it right! There are a few common mistakes that are made when it comes to picking wedding flowers, and we’ve written this article to help you navigate the common pitfalls.

Here are some of the most common mistakes made by brides.

Fixed ideas on the details

Now we have entered an era of digital and social media, many brides will look to social media to find inspiration for their wedding. Whilst it’s always good to do research this can also be a mistake.

First of all, what you see on Instagram isn’t necessarily how something looks in reality, there are many filters and enhanced photos out there so colors may definitely vary especially if you want some natural blooms for your wedding. Don’t be too set on a specific color or an unnatural unachievable palette. Keep your expectations in check and make sure to check with your florist whether a certain color is achievable

Secondly, flowers are very much seasonal and it can vary from place to place so make sure that you actually check with the florist you choose about what is in season and whether the flowers you have decided on are actually readily available in Singapore.

Pro-tip: Choosing flowers that are in season will definitely help your wedding budget as out of season flowers will be hard to find and therefore more expensive!

Wrong Size or volume of the bouquet

One of the great advantages of choosing a wedding florist to do your flowers is that they will have done a ton of weddings before and are in the best place to advise.

Every bride wants a smashing wedding bouquet that not only matches their personal style but also their wedding dress.

You must also take into consideration the height of the flower arrangement in relation to your height. This seems like a minor detail but can make a huge difference to the overall visual look of the wedding. For example, long-stemmed flower bouquets will only make a short bride’s stature seem shorter. So it’s important to consider the size of the bouquet with the height of the bride.

Secondly, brides may like one flower but it might not necessarily work well with your wedding dress. Make sure to think about your wedding flowers and your wedding dress as one entity so that they can complement each other instead of one overpowering another.

Pro tip: the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet.

Missing out on the big idea

Wedding planning can be a stressful and lengthy process. There are certain steps that every bride should follow in order to get it right.

If you’d like to know the full wedding buying cycle download our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning here.

As a general rule, choosing your wedding flowers usually comes after booking your venue and having already bought or rented your wedding dress. Therefore, brides should be able to coordinate their flowers to fit with the rest of the details.

The wedding venue is an important deciding factor for your wedding flowers as it also includes your wedding decor as a whole, for example, do you want to include table decorations, chair decorations, or even a wedding arch at the venue. You need to find out the rules for providing your own decor for your wedding or if they will arrange this for you. As well as figuring out the space to put your decorations and the time needed to set up. Many wedding florists such as Khoocoon will offer a full event styling package and they will probably be familiar with the venue having styled a previous wedding there so it is always good to ask.

Booking too early

There are certain details that you need to know before booking your flowers. Aside from the aforementioned venue, you also need to know your wedding date, the number of guests and the budget you are willing to set aside for your wedding flowers.

Secondly, trends can change from one year to the next, what may be popular now may not be in the future, so you don’t want to be stuck with wedding flowers that you no longer like. You can read about the trendiest wedding colors in 2021 here.

In addition to aesthetic trends changing, there may also be changes to weddings for example, the global pandemic has set a precedent for smaller more intimate weddings so you may no longer need the fancy decor if you are planning on downsizing. We recommend that you book 6-12 months in advance to give yourself enough time to book in the florist that you want but make sure that you have already booked your venue and decided on the exact date.

Overlooking the Florist’s Design Concept

Each florist has their own style and way of working. So make sure that you have understood their aesthetic and that it truly matches with your own personal style and wedding theme.
For example, Ava Rose Studio are specialists in dried flowers. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve a more rustic style look, then this florist may be for you.
But if you are looking for big, bold and beautiful fresh flowers then you may be more interested in a vendor like Petite Petale.

Bonus: the cost of wedding flowers in singapore

Bridal Bouquets – $100 and up
Boutonnieres – Florists will usually throw this in for free even if you order a Bridal Bouquet.
Wedding Car decorations – $150
Wedding Arches – $200 and up

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Be open-minded when looking for your florist, there are many to choose and it can be a lot, it never hurts to read their reviews, check out their instagram and chat to them.

Browse our marketplace (take note of the florist individual design aesthetic). You can also ask for a quote, chat to sellers, add to favorites all on HitchPlanner.

Plan according to the Wedding Buying Cycle – make sure you have the big ticket items in the bag before booking your wedding flowers. Download guide to find out the essential questions to ask your florist and more right here.