Tips On How To Hold A Successful Wedding

HItchplanner bride tops tips for holding a successful wedding

We sat down with real-life HitchPlanner bride to get her top tips on how to hold a successful wedding with less than 12 months of planning!

HitchPlanner: What was the toughest part of holding a successful wedding?

Jane: Following up with invitations was really a hassle, but thankfully with Hitchplanner, all I had to do was to remind my guest to RSVP ( just a click away).

Also, assigning guest seats. My husband and I are very visual people, and we needed a way to visualise the floor plan as well as how the table arrangement will be like. Hitchplanner has a seating map function, where I’ve created our hotel floor plan and assigned guests to their seats. And the cherry on top was that i could even inform guests of their seats prior to my wedding day! That saved a lot of work for our bridal party on the actual wedding day.

What did you enjoy about the entire wedding experience?

For my husband and I, it was the human aspect that we enjoyed the most. We enjoyed how this whole event brought families and friends that I haven’t met for a long time together.

What would you have done differently?

We would have a lower budget for a lot of items and would have keep track of our expenses diligently.

Is there anything that you wished you knew beforehand your wedding day?

Pack in advance!! Whatever you might need your wedding night. makeup removal, extra clothes etc. As part of the hotel package, I had a 1 night stay in their bridal suite. Unfortuntately, I forgot to bring my makeup removal along with me but good thing there was a convenience store nearby and I managed to buy a bottle there.

How can your family and friends be helpful on the wedding day? (Apart from the tasks & administrative etc)

I delegated some of my planning tasks to my bridal party though Hitchplanner collaborator function. They used the actual day check in function to help check in guests arriving on the actual day.

I think this really was one of the best platforms you can use to hold a successful wedding.

Also, overall, the mood or ambiance is very important on the wedding day. If family and friends can keep the overall mood positive (no quarrelling, disagreements), it will mean a lot to the wedding couple.

What was the 1 thing you were the most thankful for on your wedding day?

For my husband and I, it is the human aspect that we enjoyed the most. We enjoyed how this whole event brought our families and friends that I haven’t met for a long time together.

Any dramas or unforeseen events that happened on your wedding day?

Thankfully, everything fell into place on my wedding day. The bridal party and hotel team played a great role in making sure everything ran smoothly and as planned.

For my husband and I, it is the human aspect that we enjoyed the most. We enjoyed how this whole event brought our families and friends that I haven't met for a long time together.

10 top Tips to hold a successful wedding

1. Flat tummy

The magical Prune juice – clears out your system well and helps with water retention. I’d recommend doing this 2-3 days before your wedding.

2. Perfect skin

Avoid eating spicy food, don’t stress, book a facial appointment and exercise to have that healthy glow.

3. Nails

Get your dream bridal nails done once before the actual wedding. so there wouldn’t be any shocks when you have it done before your wedding.

4. Accept whatever that is to come

Do things that makes you laugh on the night before your wedding, Watch a movie, play card games with your bridal party.

5. Prepare your squad as much as possible before the actual day

Run through your itinerary & processes, delegate tasks as much as possible.

6. Sleep early on night before your wedding

You need all the energy you can get for the best day of your life.

7. Avoid drinking too much liquids on your wedding day

Peeing is a chore, especially with a gown. Try out this hack via Ikea hackers 

8. Apply perfume on your skin and not your gown

Perfume stains might incur additional cleaning charges from your bridal studio (if you rent your gown). Apply it on your skin can make it last longer.

9. Moisturise your lips and face with a lip and face mask the night before the wedding.

This ensures your makeup stays on longer and your lips are not cracked.

10. Enjoy your day!

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