Top 5 wedding color trends in 2021

Getting married in 2021 and can’t wait to get started on wedding planning? Looking for the top color trends for next year?

Keep reading to find out the hottest colors for 2021 weddings. You don’t definitely want to miss out on this.

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Dusty rose perhaps will be the trendiest color of 2021.

The pink tones that were so popular last year are being replaced by a delicate powdery shade reminiscent of the flowering period of dogwood trees.

This pastel color will be perfect for spring weddings. As it creates a light romantic mood.

Dusty rose blends beautifully with grassy hues like moss, creating a notable contrast and making pink color stand out more.
How to use this color
This delicate rich tone will add nobility to your wedding celebration and photos from the ceremony will turn out unusually beautiful in dusty rose.

Incorporate this romantic pastel color trending color into your 2021 wedding, firstly through your wedding invitations.

Add a personal touch to your invitations by making them bespoke or commissioning a digital couples portrait!

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This elegant color will be perfect in a flower bouquet or decor for your venue.
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♡ Lavender

Purple hues that were so popular in 2020 will be even more trendy in 2021.

Expect to see Lavender tones in most of the spring/summer weddings as it is an excellent color for an elegant and vintage ceremony indoors as well as outdoors.

This color goes well with creamy shades to create a provencial look and green hues for a more charming and romantic mood.

How to use this color

The main elements of the celebration will be flowers and decor as it is the easiest way to incorporate this elegant vintage color into your 2021 wedding. More important, it will be super trendy to use pressed and preserved flowers to decorate guest and gift tables. 

Photo: Ava Rose Studio

Ava Rose Studio are specialists in flower preservation which can be a beautiful element for your wedding decoration or your bouquet. Moreover, you can keep these flowers for years after your special day! 

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♡ Sky blue

A sky blue shade will make a wedding celebration very delicate, airy and vibrant. This pastel color will be among the hit trends of 2021 and will make every marriage harmonious and beautiful.

If you want to add more elegance to your wedding, you may want to combine this baby blue shade with pastel pink for a softer look.
How to use this color
Sky blue is one of the most classic colors for wedding palettes, so don’t be afraid to add it to the décor with massive accent on details such as tablecloths or paths on tables.

Moreover, you can incorporate this pastel color by using ceramic or glass blue vases for a retro touch.
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Speaking about flowers, if you have chosen a bouquet in a different color scheme, you can emphasize the blue shade with a silk ribbon or lace on the stem of the bouquet.

Or match up with a silver and yellow as part of your decor.
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You could even use this color in your wedding favors.

Macarons make a great edible favor that is not only eco-friendly but fun and delicious!
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♡ Sage Green

For a long time, shades of green were not the most popular choice for weddings-brides preferred to have a more traditional celebration.

However, in recent years everything has changed dramatically and eco-style weddings have become super trendy, so 2021 is expected to be the year of greenery tones.
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As there are many different shades of green, there are as well so many combinations with other colors you can make. One of the most beautiful and contrasting ones is the pair of green & gold. In spring choose green in a very light, cold shade and combine with pastel pink, blue or gray. And if you are planning a wedding in a natural style, you can opt for a palette made up entirely of green shades.
How to use this color
Note that overdoing with green color in the wedding design will result in chaos, so sage green can be used in floristry and small décor elements like dishes, napkins and printing in order to make a stylish and harmonious wedding.

Also, textiles, classic furniture, candles and flowers can complement this rich color for a more sophisticated look.
Photo: Petite Petale
Speaking about summer, the surrounding nature will serve as the decoration for the outdoor wedding. Why not include a touch of nature as your table decor.
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♡ Papaya orange

Papaya orange is the new extraordinary color that will be extremely popular in 2021. This is another rich shade that will suit both summer and fall weddings. It goes well with all green hues, warm and neutral browns and if you want to get a bright and sophisticated contrast, pair papaya orange with a noble deep blue or smoky blue.
How to use this color
A few ways to use this vivid color in your wedding décor are through large decorative elements such as flower vases, candles and wedding cake or small details to make a significant accent and create a bohemian style wedding.
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Photo: Khoocoon
Moreover, you can use bright elements such as tie, bow tie and boutonniere to complement the groom’s image. These are the few ways on how to incorporate papaya orange into your 2021 wedding and stay trendy at the same time. Head over to the marketplace to browse more wedding vendors.
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Whilst wedding planning one of the most difficult things to decide is the right color that will not only suit the couple’s personality but will also be super trendy.

Your wedding color theme will affect all aspects of your future including your wedding photos, flowers, wedding invitations cards and last but not least your wedding venue.

Therefore, if you are planning to have your wedding in 2021, we hope that you get an insight of what is going to be trendy in the upcoming year and move you one step closer to your memorable and special day!

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