Top Wedding Photography Spots in Singapore

There are many unique and wonderful wedding photography spots right here in Singapore!

If you are looking for a little adventure against stunning scenery – check out what Singapore has to offer! We’ve put together some of our favorite spots from lakes to historical monuments.

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Photo: Kimnshin
Head to Jurong Lake Gardens to get that dreamy field shot that’s all over your instagram.

Jurong Lake Garden is perfect for a romantic couple’s photoshoot as well as leisure outings. Think Green fields with crisp blue skies, golden lalang field, colourful flowers and perfectly placed tree logs. It’s rustic yet romantic!
Photo: Kimnshin


Photo: Vincent Tay Photography
In the neighbourhood of Queenstown amongst the vintage houses and colonial architecture is a weathered water tank at the top of a small hill!

Add a bit of mystery and fun to your photoshoot by heading to Portsdown Road.
Photo: Vincent Tay Photography

National Museum of Singapore

Photo: 1stJournal Productions
If adventurous or rustic is not to your taste. You should definitely consider the National Museum of Singapore. As the oldest museum in the country, it exudes elegance and glamor.

Pro tip: A permit is needed to take photos at the National Museum of Singapore with a booking fee of S$184 for every 2 hours is required. Shooting must take place between 10-7pm. Full details can be found on the official website here.
Photo: 1stJournal Productions

Coney Island

Photo: Estros Photography
Head over to Coney Island if you’re looking to get in touch with nature. These misty pine forests and deserted beaches will make you think you’ve already left Singapore!

Make it a day of fun by bringing props and sit down and have a romantic picnic.
Photo: Estros Photography

Jewel Changi Airport

Photo: Kimnshin
Missing travel? How about heading to the Jewel Changi Airport to snap some wedding photos.

The iconic airport with all 10 stories and 1.46 million square feet with over 200 retail shops and 112 eateries has innumerable photo opportunities.

Our top pick is in front of the Rain Vortex, the largest indoor waterfall in the world.

Pro-tip: Other spots that are worth mentioning the floral wonderland at Petal Garden and peering through the glass at the Canopy Bridge. If you are interested in taking photos at the Jewel Changi Airport – an experienced wedding photography will be able to guide you to the best spots – so why not get in contact today! Browse all photographers here and click on Contact Seller when you are ready to chat about your wedding photography theme.


Photo: Vincent Tay Photography
Fort Canning Park was once a military ground used during the British and the Japanese during World War II. Other than gothic classical monuments, one can find brick walls and vast greenery to make use of for the photoshoot.

Pro-tip: There is no need to book when taking photos here but make sure your photoshoot doesn’t clash with any events which may draw large crowds.
Photo: Vincent Tay Photography

Botanic gardens

Photo: Twist Photography
Singapore Botanic Gardens Known for its beautiful gardens and structures for wedding pictures and is a much loved UNESCO World Heritage Park.

Whilst there’s a multitude of places to take pictures in this picturesque park. Our favorite spot for Wedding Photography has to be the Bandstand

One of the best known features of the Gardens, the Bandstand is a popular spot to take a rest but also looks great in photoshoots!
Photo: Twist Photography

Bonus Location: your old school campus

Photo: 1stJournal Productions
If you are feeling nostalgic – why not do a photoshoot in your old school!

You could even try on your old school uniform and reminisce on how you first met.

Walk along the old corridors and sit in your old classroom but make sure you get permissions first!
Photo: 1stJournal Productions


  • Think about an overall theme that you would like for your wedding photography. As this will help you decide the location and also help you choose a wedding photographer.
  • Once you’ve chosen a theme – talk it out with a wedding photography! Don’t forget that each photographer has their own style of shooting and editing so make sure it matches yours. You can contact photographers right here on HitchPlanner and ask for a quote!
  • Discussed the theme and location? Make sure you have all the required permits and permissions to take your photos.
  • Lastly, enjoy the ride! Wedding Photography is a significant memento that you can both look back upon with joy in the future so make sure you have fun!
  • Conclusion

    Finding a perfect location can take some research and time. Make sure that the place you choose is meaningful to you and matches your expectations as a couple.

    Always remember that your wedding photographer will have worked with a lot of other couples before you so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask them for advice!

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