Walking Tall: Elevate More than just your Style!

A girl’s wedding is something that every bride has dreamt of since she was a little girl. For the groom, however, that day usually doesn’t dominate their imagination until they become engaged. Once engaged – the question is how will he appear next to his bride?
For men who want to stand taller – generally regular wedding shoes won’t help especially when brides like to wear sky high heels under our wedding gowns. Fortunately, there is a way to elevate more than just your style on your big day!
Elevator Shoes! These superb shoes are not just for the man who lacks stature. Many tall men marry tall women, who wear four inch high heels as a part of her wedding ensemble.
Credit: Walking Tall

What exactly are elevator shoes?

These are shoes designed with a unique thick section on the heel part. The addition helps the groom look approximately 6-12cm taller.

Walking Tall specialize in height increasing shoes for men. Their shoes come with unique built-in insoles that help to discreetly boost height by 6 to 12cm. Made of genuine calf leather, the shoes are stylish, comfortable and durable. You’ll dance all night at your wedding party, secure in the knowledge that your shoes won’t let you down.

Why would I want to wear elevator shoes for my wedding?

Your bride will being wearing heels so why not get a pair to even out the height difference?

Plus, It will make your wedding photography better and the height also helps to address your posture. With appropriate elevator shoes, it is easier to walk straight and improve the posture.
bride and groom walking
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Tips for choosing the perfect elevator shoe

Establish the elevation you want
When you develop an interest in height raising shoes, the core factor is height adjustment. If you only want a small adjustment, go for elevator shoe models that can adjust your tallness with about 1.5-2.5 inches. If you are shorter, picking height increasing shoes with a longer heel will do the trick. However, make sure to strike a balance between personal choice and style.
Match up with the wedding suit and gown

If you are wearing suit, the perfect shoe material would be patent or polished leather.

Also, keep in mind that when you go for the men’s classic suit colors (such as gray or navy blue), if you want to stay traditional you should select a brown or a black shoe to suit.

However, if you have chosen a gray suit on your wedding day, it is very easy to work with when it comes to shoe colors.

As gray is a neutral color, they can be paired with almost any shoe you like.
Choose a style that your most comfortable with

Walking Tall offers a wide collection of over 130 designs for both business and casual occasions from classic lace up to sporty slip-on. Men can now easily find a design whenever they need an extra bit of height, better posture and confidence!

Most popular wedding shoe styles are often the Oxford or Derby.

Although, the Derby looks a lot like Oxford shoes but they can be identified by their open lacing, which allows for a fit that is not as tight as the Oxford.

Go with the Derby if you have wider feet as the open lacing helps accommodate this.
Pick a trusted brand
Having been established in 2006, Walking Tall has been providing elevator footwear for men for well over a decade.
Recent customers have commented:
"Bride in heels is not a problem"
Bing Hong to his bride, Qi Yan "Now you can wear your 4 inches shoes for our wedding as I am wearing Walking Tall shoes on our special day"
Never compromise on comfort
Last but not least, comfort should come first when it comes to selecting any shoe.

Therefore, the elevator shoes should be a perfect fit regarding comfort. If you want these shoes for your wedding – you’ll likely to be on your feet the whole day so make sure you choose something with good cushioning to keep you comfortable all day.


We know wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. Finding the right pair of shoes to go with your outfit should not be complicated.

However, with brides wearing high heel shoes on their wedding day, it only makes sense that the groom would wear height increasing shoes on his wedding day to match the increase in height gained from the bride and her shoes.

Make your dreams of being a few inches taller a reality. You can hit that target with an appropriate pair of elevator shoes for men.

As long as they are comfortable and of a high quality – they will be a excellent companion to your wedding day. Plus, a good quality pair can last for years to come giving you a lasting confidence boost!

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