Everything you need to know about wedding arches to level up your decor

Wedding arches are as timeless as they are trendy. While wedding arches are having a moment in the spotlight, their popularity is nothing new. Wedding arches have long been a go-to decor statement for couples and we’re thrilled to say, they’re here to stay. Wedding arches are incredibly versatile and can be used for an indoor or an outdoor wedding.

There are many styles and types to choose from! Keep reading to find out more and our top tips for choosing a wedding arch that’s right for you as a couple.

Types of Wedding Arches

Decor by Khoocoon
Just like why wedding rings are circular, circles have represented infinity, eternity and equality. A circle has no end and no beginning, no prominent feature that stands out. It’s a continuous loop that looks exactly the same from all angles, which is why circular wedding arches are so popular.
Square arch by An Arch Atelier
Most wedding arch ideas are floral in nature and it’s easy to see why. Floral ceremony arches are truly stunning. As for what type of blooms work into your wedding flower design, you should always think about 1.) your venue and 2.) your flower bouquet. Your florist will be able to help you best to make sure you get the flowers you love. Browse all florists on Hitchplanner.

Pro-tip: A floral wedding arch can be expensive when using all fresh blooms so consider adding some greenery or pampas grass to give it some volume.
Wood is both durable and versatile, making it a great material to use for a wedding arch. It’s also rustic and sustainable! You can also re-purpose the wood after using it.
Arch-like structures with a broken or open top are a nice way to create a focal point for your ceremony, especially at an outdoor wedding, without obstructing guests’ view of the landscape.
For couples whose wedding theme leans more boho or eclectic lean towards something more modern like this modern marble print round photo backdrop adorned with white baby’s breath along with a gold couple’s name signage by Eventistry!

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Wedding Arch Top Tips

Get Creative
Decor by Haith
As you’ve seen from the types of wedding arches above, you don’t just have to choose an upside down ‘U’ shape to be your wedding arches. Choose a shape and style that will match your wedding venue and decor.
Consider Multiple Uses
The best strategy is to create a ceremony arch that can be repurposed for your reception. Say you have a garland piece that can be detached from your arch and used for your cake table or sweetheart table. If it’s an arch with wheels, then we can move it on over to your reception for a photo booth backdrop, cake backdrop or sweetheart table backdrop.
Keep Seasonality in Mind
Just like anything in wedding planning, everything is seasonal and trends will come and go. Head over to Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends and ask your florist what’s in at the moment! And make sure to read our article Mistakes Every Bride Makes When Choosing Their Wedding Flowers to make sure you don’t these common mistakes!
Decor by Haith
Durability is Important
Similarly, durability is a factor that goes hand-in-hand with seasonality and needs to be kept front-of-mind. Not all blooms, even if they’re being used in your centerpieces, are ideal for use in wedding arches. It’s a good idea to base your floral design on blooms that will last the entire day.


Whether you wish to have a wedding arch at your wedding is up to you as a couple. It can be the focal point for some weddings and make a fantastic backdrop to your photos but it is not absolutely necessary. In fact, dropping the decor can help cut down on your wedding budget.
Wedding Arch Ideas