Wedding Nail Ideas for the Perfect Bridal Manicure

All eyes are going to be on your hands! Between the signing of the marriage certificate, the detailed shots your photographer will be snapping, and everyone demanding to see your new wedding ring.

You need to make sure your nails are looking on top form for your big day!
Your hands are about to get serious time in the spotlight.
So what’s a bride to do? Well, make sure you haven’t left your manicure after an afterthought for your wedding!

Whether you’re a traditionalist or an edgy bride who prefers bolder hues and unique nail art – we’ve got something for you.

Keep scrolling for our bridal nail ideas inspired by Move Manicure, a mobile nail salon in Singapore.

Plus, some bonus tips from Move Manicure on their do’s and don’t’s for Bridal Nails.

Traditional French Manicure

For brides who prefer a simple yet classic style, French manicure and its variations will be the best choice.

Plus, you can jazz up the classics with a twist such as changing the tones to give the French Manicure more modern take. Or you want to go funkier – why not invert the French manicure!

Bridal Blush

Not into the classics but don’t want to venture too far from the norm?

How about a light pink polish which will offer delicate pop of color without overshadowing other elements.

Choose pastel shades to get the soft bridal look.

Pearl accented

Pearls are a common accessory for brides. Seen as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. As well as bridal gowns and veils which have been customised to include them.

The beauty and innocent of both the pearls and the bride, make them a perfect fit for each other.

So why not incorporate a few into your bridal nail design. Go all out with the pearls or add one or two to accent your nails.

Plus, pearls are rumored to ensure a happy marriage without tears!

Metallic magic

Photo Credit: Move Manicure (Silver White Nails)
Go for glam with a metallic manicure in gorgeous silver.

The sparkling nails add on a touch of allure when the light hits and reflects a shimmery hue.

Pro-tip: Match the metal color of your engagement and wedding ring to your nail polish hue to avoid clashes!

Your manicurist would be happy to help. Take a look at Move Manicure’s Bridal Signature gel mani + pedi.

Begin your complete nail care wellness session with a thermal foot bath, preset to your preferred temperature. This warm foot soak allows you to relax completely and promotes blood circulation.

Next is cuticle treatment and a tender foot exfoliation process complete with organic lavender scrub. Lastly, your manicurist will later on a rich lather of massage cream and give you a hand and foot massage. Now time to shape your nails to the desired length and shape, to fit the chosen nail art designs!

Not only are Move Manicure’s nail art collections trendy and updated. But can also be based on your gown designs, skin tone, or wedding ring style.

Luxury lace

If you have a lacey wedding dress, these nails would be a great way to tie your outfit together.

Plus, Move Manicure can design bespoke nail designs based on gown, wedding ring designs and complexion of brides.

Not to mention, being a mobile nail salon, Move Manicure can provide on-site services including:
  • Hen Nights
  • Bride and Groom nail spa
  • On-site nails for photoshoots

    Just make sure you contact them in advance and prepare a few snaps of your wedding dress when you visit your manicurist if you’re looking for these lacey nails to match your gown!
  • Something blue

    Photo Credit: Move Manicure (Blue Gold Polish Nail Art)
    Want to go for an edgier look on your big day?

    How about a dark color like midnight blue to contrast that creamy white ballgown.

    Midnight blue with geometric gold nail art is classy and showing a sign of confidence in yourself.

    Plus, you can have your nails as your “something blue. It’s not only a great spin on traditions but also a great contrast for those who don’t want to stick to the all-white traditional wedding.


    Photo Credit: Twist Photography
    Take your bridal manicure to the next level with some 3D nail art!

    The addition of rhinestones will definitely give you that extra sparkle when you walk down the aisle.
  • Book your gel or dip manicure close to the wedding day
  • Do multiple test shades
  • Buy a bottle of your chosen shade
  • Always maintain your nails
  • Stick to simple nail art
  • Bring your own bottle to the nail salon
  • Stay calm when you have a chipped nail
  • Always moisturize your hands and cuticles

    Read their full article right here
  • Conclusion

    Wedding planning can be stressful and that can take a toll on your nails!

    You should definitely take a load off with take the time to unwind and chill out as a couple.

    Consider a Bride & Groom organic nail spa treatment!

    All products are cruelty-free and all nail polishes are 10-free, carefully formulated and do not contain major toxins present in most commercial nail polish.

    Best of all, you can enjoy this relaxing treatment right in the comfort of your home or hotel.

    We hope that these bridal nail ideas have given you some inspiration for your big day.

    Whether you want to go for bold or classic – make sure to book your appointment with your manicurist in advance so that they can advise you on the best colors and styles to not only match your gown and wedding theme but also your skin tone!

    Move Manicure is a mobile nail salon in Singapore. They are able to provide on-site nail services and use organic, vegan and cruelty-free nail polishes. This means you get all the chip-resistant, long lasting shine without sacrificing your health!

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