5 reasons to have an intimate non-hotel wedding in Singapore

Firstly, finding the perfect wedding venue is likely on top of your to-do list. The venue plays a vital role in the success of your big day. So it’s a decision to get right early on!

Therefore, a small intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest might eliminate a lot of headaches. Such as eliminating the need to sorting out the endless guest list. It can also save you committing thousands of dollars to book 20+ tables. So, no need to invite acquaintances and distant relatives to fill a hotel ballroom!

Narrow down your wedding guest list. And choose a more intimate affair with closer friends and family. Consider holding a non-hotel wedding in Singapore.

Narrow down your wedding guest list and choose a more intimate affair with closer friends and family by holding a non hotel wedding in Singapore.

Have your intimate wedding at EagleWings Loft, featuring a casual yet sophisticated ambience.

EagleWings Loft brings you the finest cuisines from around the region by taking you on a colourful discovery of the East & West.

A small wedding allows you to have an intimate setting with just your soon-to-be-spouse. And you can invite only the closest family and friends. Even though your wedding is small, it can still be unique and memorable.

1. location, location, location

EagleWings Loft will be no stranger to locals who frequent the Bukit Timah area. A nautical themed cafe and bar that is cosy and sophisticated, it is perfect for an intimate solemnisation event.

The restaurant is also visited by the likes of Benjamin Kheng, Charlotte Mei and Rebecca Lim. The latter, who even had a craving for Eaglewings Bacon and Egg Wagyu Burger and Lobster Risotto!

2. An intimate and elegant dining space space

EagleWings offers two VIP rooms above the main restaurant. Therefore, offering an ideal space to hold your exquisite, intimate wedding event (20pax).

The space is fitted with amenities such as a projector, sound system and even a karaoke system!

EagleWings Cinematics offers a two-story penthouse style Premium Lounge, a grandiose space perfect for a private, cosy and comfortable wedding event!

Not to mention, the entire second floor is yours for the whole event.

So, there is enough room for both solemnisation and dining setups.

Also, the space features high ceilings, tasteful decorations and light fixtures. Natural light is present thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, ensuring your guests enjoy a classy and welcoming experience.

3. An elegant menu with splendid service to match

No need to worry about hiring caterers!

EagleWings Loft provides attentive food services and the options for dining packages, as well as added flexibility to cater to your specific requirements.

Ladyironchef commented:  “All in all, we were truly marvelled by the ambience and the splendid service rendered to us at EagleWings Loft.”

All in all, we were truly marvelled by the ambience and the splendid service rendered to us at EagleWings Loft.

The signature dish “Lobster Risotto” at EagleWings is a fusion of the finest catch from the sea imbued with wholesome grain rice from land.

Multiple packages are available for couples who wish to book the EagleWings loft for their wedding.

The Classic Wedding/Solemnization Package includes:

Classic Tomato & Basil Bruschetta
Wild Mushroom Soup
Hokkaido Scallop with Avocado Puree
Spring Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Vanilla Vodka Berries Dome

The full details can be found here

4. All aboard the honeymoon Yacht Charters!

No need to fret over your perfect Honeymoon plans!

EagleWings Yacht Charters is here to bring you to your dream honeymoon. Made possible with 2 of the finest yachts that sail the Singapore seas.

Firstly, EagleWings I is a sailing catamaran and is the only of its kind outside of Europe and the US.

Secondly, she boasts a huge liveable space of up to 3000 square feet with its unique design.

Thoughtfully designed, its contemporary look is not only luxurious and sophisticated. Also, it is fully fitted with a well-equipped galley, with the option of a private chef to provide the ultimate dining experience on board!

So, spend a night on-board EagleWings and wake up to the perfect view, complete with Sunrise & White Sandy beaches!

Lastly, EagleWings II is also fitted with 3 luxurious cabins and a flybridge. It is popular with smaller groups and perfect for a cosy and intimate setting.

Finally, both yachts are smooth sailing and comfortable.

And the package includes a variety of amenities including an inbuilt jacuzzi, karaoke system and an automated mahjong table!

EagleWings is where dating never stops. We have exciting packages available to see you through beyond the wedding ceremony/meal. Our comprehensive lifestyle offerings include couple tickets to our Gold Class cinemas with 1 year validity (to celebrate 1st year anniversary or any other special occasion with us).

5. Add ons galore!

Arrive in style and rent EagleWing’s very own Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. Pamper yourself with a vintage touch – armed with leather seats and a classy interior. This will certainly add a nostalgic touch to a modern day wedding.

In addition, there is plenty of room for brides with long trains so put your mind at ease, sit back and relax!

Need a cake to celebrate your big day?

Pre-order your customised wedding cake with EagleWings Loft.

FAQ for couples

How far in advance do I need to book?
If possible, at least 2 months in advance.

Is there decor provided or can we use our own decor to match our wedding theme?
EagleWings Loft has basic decor available for $300. But couples are welcome to bring their own.

How many weddings have you had at your venue?
EagleWings Loft has held 2 weddings since phase 2.

Can we do a tasting of the menu?
Yes, a tasting of the menu is possible (additional charges apply.)

Can you cater to certain dietary requirements that my guests may have?
A wide variety of dish options are available. Customisation is allowed to best cater to the unique requirements of each couple and their guests, including a vegetarian menu.


To conclude, a small intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest can save you not only on the headaches of a large guest list. But also allows you to have more budget for the honeymoon!

A small wedding allows you to have an intimate setting with just your soon-to-be-spouse and some of your closest family and friends.

Holding a small wedding at EagleWings means having your dining option sorted. Plus, no need to think about Honeymoon. Be wined and dined while enjoying the sunset on the horizon aboard the EagleWings Yacht. Not to mention, anniversary ideas are also sorted with their comprehensive lifestyle offerings including couple tickets to their Gold Class cinemas.

For more information on holding your intimate wedding at EagleWings Loft – you can take a look at their listing on HitchPlanner, visit their Facebook Page or Instagram.

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