8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Would-Have-Been Wedding Day

You CAN still celebrate your would-have-been wedding day!

Did you postpone your wedding this year? Need ideas on how to celebrate your would-have-been wedding day?

Take the opportunity to plan something fun for the whole day when your supposed wedding date arrives!

It will not only lift up your spirits but make you look forward to your wedding day!

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your would-have-been-wedding day:

1. Buy some flowers to start with! Freshen your room or home with floral blooms.

2. Light some candles and set the mood. Candles are amazing for creating an amazing romantic ambiance in the room. Some scented candles can even help with stress-relief!

3. Buy an extra special bottle of wine or even champagne!

4. Write a “50 things I love about you” note to each other and take this moment to say what you appreciate about each other for during this time.

5. Dress up! Ladies, put on some red lipstick and a killer dress. For the gentlemen, splash some sexy man cologne and change out of your joggers – a little effort goes a long way.

6. Cook some crazy good food for you and your SO. Look up Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington – that’s a good cooking challenge which comes with pretty mind blowing rewards.

7. Set up your own photobooth corner and take some silly pictures together to remember the day. Share them with your wedding guests and have a good laugh!

8. Have a virtual party with your friends and family! Play online poker drinking games or use a Karaoke app to sing some tunes together!

Enjoy your day to the fullest and keep dreaming!

We hope that these suggestions have given you more ideas on how to celebrate your would-have-been wedding day.

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