Wedding Budget Mistakes to Avoid (Singapore Edition 2021)

The average cost wedding budget for a couple in Singapore is about $30,000 to $50,000 and can go up to $100,000. The cost of a wedding in Singapore largely depends on your choices of venue, number of guests you plan to invite and the vendors that you engage.

Keep reading if you want to know the various components of a wedding budget and how HitchPlanner can help you better budget for it.
HitchPlanner will help you better budget for your dream wedding.
1.) Not being realistic
It’s easy to oversimplify or over-complicate your wedding. Stay on tip of your wedding budget by creating outlines and dividing your wedding budget appropriately. Large ticket items such as your venue should make up 50% of your wedding budget.
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Here’s a general guideline for any wedding budget:

50%: Venue
That’s right – the largest portion of your wedding budget will be eaten up by your venue. You should also lump in the associating costs with this such as any catering fees or rental additions that are not included in the price of your venue. You can also add your wedding cake into this section!

14%: Photography and Videography
The second largest item on your wedding budget is of course your wedding photography and videography set aside at least 14% of your budget for the images and videos of your special day.

With the current climate and restrictions, many couples may opt to also do live-streaming so make sure that you factor this in as well. There are some photographers who will offer a package that covers both which may also be a way to save some money such as Twist Photography and 1st Journal Productions.

9%: Clothing, Hair and Makeup
Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. That’s why it’s important to put aside a budget for Clothing as well as Hair and Make up. Clothing is not only your own wedding dress but also the shoes, as well as the groom’s suit.

If you want to save some money and save the environment you can consider renting instead of purchasing your outfits for the day. This way you can keep up with the latest styles but not even need to think about to wash and store these outfits. We recommend you check out Korean Artiz Studio for outfits that will make you feel like you’ve stepped onto a kdrama set. Or the Wedding Boss if you are looking for a Qua. Plus, these kind of companies also provide photography packages so taking a bundle may save you some dollars.

We’ve put hair and make up with this section as they go hand in hand. Make sure you choose a make-up artist that fits your personal style and suits the dress that you have picked. And don’t forget that trial fees are usually not included in the quote so make sure to ask when you are booking!

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19%: Decor and Flowers
This includes bouquets, flower arrangements, special lighting and decorations.

8%: Entertainment
If you are looking for a live band or an EMCEE to keep your guests entertained we recommend allocating 8% of your wedding budget towards that!

3%: Print & Stationary
Print and Stationary is a small but important detail of your wedding. This includes everything from save-the-date cards and to your formal invitations as well as ceremony programs, menus, and thank-you cards. Allocation 3% of these particularly if you are getting any fancy designs as you need to also factor in stamps!

Cut the costs down by sending an e-invite instead. It’s easier to coordinate and for the most part free. Sign up for HitchPlanner to get free access to our e-invites and seating chart tool.

2%: Transportation
Put in a budget for transport or you wish to help your guests to get to the venue. Or if you want to arrive in style.

3%:Wedding Bands
Sometimes we can about the wedding bands when we have that big shiny engagement ring on our finger. Wedding Bands will be the focus of the day when you exchange those rings and you’ll be wearing them for a lifetime so make sure to add these bands to your budget!

2%: Wedding favours
Allocate a budget to treat your guests with a small token of appreciation for attending your special day. Read our article 10 Unique Wedding Favors You Need To See for more ideas.
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2.) Not deciding who is paying
Make sure you have discussions early on about who is paying for the wedding. You want to determine as soon as possible whether you will pay for the wedding as a couple or whether the bride and/or groom family will also be chipping in.
92% of couples in Singapore will pay for the wedding on their own
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3.) Forgeting about the hidden costs
Wedding planning is stressful and it is easy to forget certain details, especially hidden costs. Knowing all the costs up front will guarantee that your budget can actually cover it all. Luckily we’ve done the research for you. Head here to read 8 Hidden Wedding Costs you haven’t thought of.
4.) Not Finalizing the Guest List First
Before you can even begin to plan for anything, you need to know how many people you’re planning for. A big mistake would be to start creating estimates before you even know how many people you are planning for. From your venue to your wedding favours, everything needs a number to be able to book and estimate a cost!

Pro-tip: It’s also a good idea to plan for more people than less when creating your guest list. Always overestimate rather than underestimate.
5.) Not tracking how much you have already spent
Your budget outline is a great starting point to know what you need to budget for, but you also need to remember to find a way to keep track of your spending as well. Each time you spend money on something, be sure to write it down and know exactly how much money is left in your budget.

Be aware that certain vendors you book will only take a deposit from you at the current moment and then request the rest of the amount due on a later date. Whether you prefer the old-fashioned spreadsheet or an online project management tool – make sure you keep track of these dates and amounts to ensure you’re not hit with any late payment fees.
6.) Getting too caught up in the details
Yes we can have an eye set on a certain dream wedding dress or venue but this is just one element of the wider picture. Don’t get too dead set on the details. Be flexible and consult your close friends and family often to get a fresh perspective.

With the added changes to the wedding industry due to COVID-19 and constantly changing regulations, you may also be looking to make certain compromises and allocating funds to other sections of your wedding budget. Read our article COVID-19 Wedding Trends you need to be aware of to get prepared.
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When it’s time to plan your big day, be sure to avoid these wedding budget mistakes. Use the tips listed above to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Hitchplanner is here to help. Book on our platform and keep a track of all of your vendors and even guests on one platform. Some of our vendors also accept Rely so you can pay in three interest-free monthly payments to relieve some of the stress on your wedding budget.