COVID-19 Wedding Trends you need to be aware of

A global pandemic has given rise to a new normal for weddings, sparking up new wedding trends for newly engaged couples everywhere as well as causing more postponed weddings.

We’ve compiled a list of wedding trends that have become even more popular over the last year due to COVID-19. Read the article now to find out the latest trends as well as what restrictions are currently in place as of the 21st June 2021.
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Mini Guest Lists

Micro-weddings and mini solemnizations are in!

Since COVID-19 is still very much a concern globally and in Singapore, minimonies and micro weddings remain the default celebration size for couples seeking to marry during this pandemic. While it may have been a little difficult for couples to adjust to a smaller wedding at the start, many have embraced the trend, slashing down their guest lists and being more creative with their mini-weddings.

Having a smaller guest list means that you can spend more time with the guests that you do invite. Not to mention, you’ll have a bigger budget for your wedding as you’ll be booking a much smaller venue so you can allocate resources elsewhere.

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Current Restrictions [from 21st June, 2021]
Up to 10 attendees or up to 5 visitors (whichever is higher)

ROM/M Building
Up to 10 attendees

External Building
Up to 50 attendees [no PET requirement]
From 51 to 250 attendees, with PET required for all attendees

Larger wedding budgets

With a small venue and guest lists on the horizon – you can have much money to spend on the other places of your wedding. Couples can re-allocate their budget towards wedding favours and gifts for their guests, or on improving the general guest experience.

However, couples can also consider allocating a little extra into their wedding photography or videography. A wedding is a day to remember whether it is big or large. You’ll want to remember those memories so allocating a bit more to your wedding photography is a great way to document and enjoy this day for years to come.

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More extravagant decor

Just because your wedding is smaller – it doesn’t mean you need to skimp out on the decor.

Now that you have slashed the guest lists and you have a slightly more flexible wedding budget on hand, you may want to consider more extravagant decor for your wedding. This is not only a great way to enhance a guests’ experience, it also looks great in wedding photos.

Flowers are a great way to enhance the mood, you can add anything from aisle decorations to table arrangements.

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Sustainable weddings

Sustainable or green weddings have been trending for a few years now. There are many ways that you can make sure that your celebration is not making an impact on our environment. Read 6 ways to hold a (close to) zero-waste wedding in Singapore to get more ideas on how to plan your own environmentally friendly wedding.

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Focus on your guest's experience

Quality over quantity— just because your wedding doesn’t involve inviting everyone you’ve ever met, it doesn’t mean you can forget about the details. Couples are hosting their celebrations where no detail is spared, and budget can be spent on higher-impact elements.

With intimate gatherings, hosts are given more flexibility to plan for more unique and bespoke environments for guests, including custom menus, cocktail hour, table décor, floral installations, or entertainment. These can all add to the enjoyment of your guests.
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Non-traditional wedding outfits

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Go simpler or go bigger!

With the trend of micro-weddings growing, couples can go more non-traditional with their outfits which fit in with their non-traditional venues.

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Solemnization at home

Solemnization at home is a great way to keep it intimate, you don’t need to worry about getting to your venue on the day and it can be much more relaxing.

Just be aware that as of 21st June, 2021:
For weddings at home: Maximum of 10 people or eight visitors (in addition to residents in the household), whichever is higher. The number excludes the Solemnizer and vendors. For example, if there are five people living in the household, the five residents and eight visitors — a total of 13 people — can attend the solemnization.

One thing to note, though: If you’re getting married at home, you can only hold the solemnization but not a wedding reception.
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Live-streaming weddings

Just because some of your guests can’t join the festivities in person, it doesn’t mean that they can’t share the moment with you online!

There are an array of vendors who will be able to help you with live streaming your wedding to make sure that no one is left out on your big day.

Plus, some vendors even offer live streaming along with their photography services.

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Keep up to date with the restrictions on weddings by checking the government website here.

Keep in mind that a successful wedding is up to you, so make sure you have plenty of discussions as a couple as to what you want to do for your wedding.