Everything you need to know about getting married in Singapore as a non-Singaporean

Planning to get married in Singapore and don’t know if it’s possible if you and your fiance are non-Singaporeans?

We have done the work and research for you!

From legal documents to booking local vendors – we’ve put together the ultimate guide to get you through your wedding planning as a non-Singaporean in Singapore.

Either you have lived here in Singapore and found your forever to be, or you are wondering if you can say “I do” on this beautiful island. Or maybe you just have the fantasy of getting married abroad?

Either way, carry on reading the article because it’s all worth it, and yes it’s all possible!

Plus, you definitely don’t want to miss out on an exclusive interview with real-life HitchPlanner couple, Jovita and Ricardo from Malaysia and Singapore.
Saying “I do” to your forever abroad will not only create a cherished memory but also make your wedding unique unlike any other.

Pre-wedding preparation

Embrace the local culture of Singapore
So, you’ve decided to get married in Singapore.
Why not make the most of it by embracing some of the local customs? Because, it’s always a good idea to be prepared particularly when it comes to wedding planning.

Add some interesting flavours into your special day by embracing some new cultures.

Plus, each different countries has different traditions, so it’s also good to respect the culture and make sure you don’t offend anyone.
Photo Credit: Vincent Tay Photography
Traditional chinese tea ceremony
Your wedding theme and decorations is the one essence that makes your wedding unique to you as a couple.

So, why not give it a local theme?

Singapore is composed of so many traditions and cultures to choose from including traditional Chinese traditions.

In Chinese culture, red symbolizes happiness, prosperity and good luck. Using red decorations is one way to embrace the tradition and give your wedding a local touch.

You could use decor that include fans, lanterns, parasols, and touches of bamboo throughout your venue.

Head over to our specially curated Pinterest boards to find your wedding theme.
dine local
The wedding banquet is the time where you and your guests will sit down and enjoy a delicious meal and share stories as well as catch up with family members and friends.

So, why not try the local Singaporean cuisine and choose a local restaurant that suits your budget.
EagleWings Loft features a casual yet sophisticated ambience, bringing you the finest cuisines from Eaglewings’ travels around the region, that will take you on a colourful discovery of the East & West.

And their signature dish “Lobster Risotto” is a fusion of the finest catch from the sea imbued with wholesome grain rice from land. (Swipe the carousel to see the dish!)

Read more about EagleWings Loft and why you should have a small intimate wedding at their restaurant.
Don't stop there we're not done yet!
You could also make it an extended event with friends and family. Head to Sentosa and get onboard your own private yacht and make a day or weekend of it!

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and cruise to islands like the pristine and idyllic Lazarus Island, which is only 30min away from Sentosa!

You can check out the Yacht offerings right here.
Photo Credit: Yacht Bookings Singapore
What to avoid
Studying the Do’s and Don’ts of the country you are about to visit is a pretty basic research one must do to blend in.

As for weddings, here are a few tips:

  • Try to avoid black decors or anything black for your wedding because, in Asian culture, black usually symbolizes sadness and death.
  • There is a superstition in Chinese culture that “if a wedding happens during the half-month, it results in a half marriage”. So maybe the sixth month isn’t the wisest choice.
  • Photo Credit: Vincent Tay Photography

    Choosing vendors: Support local

    When it comes to choosing vendors, there’s a lot to consider!

    1.) Finding the right price

    First, you should always keep in mind your wedding budget through out the entire wedding planning process. Keep yourself in check and choose suitable vendors who are within your reach!

    2.) Make a list

    There are a lot of options out there! So it’s best to do your research and make a list. If you search the HitchPlanner marketplace – you can favorite your preferred vendors and come back to them when you’re ready to shortlist!

    3. Prioritise

    Lastly, start with the larger items such as venues, which will go on to influence your wedding theme, number of guests and everything else.
    Wedding Planning has never been easier with HitchPlanner by your side ♡
    Photo Credit: Vincent Tay Photography
    Simplify your wedding planning with HitchPlanner
    Use our free tools to get organised. Sign up for your free account and get access to:

    – Wedding Checklist and Budget Tracker
    – E-invitations
    – Guest list management
    Seating Plan

    And head to the marketplace to browse, chat and book verified local vendors including award-winning photographers, top florists and bridal gown rental.

    Legal requirements

    Here are some simple guidelines to help you smoothen the process
  • Make sure that you are eligible to get married. To get married in Singapore as a non-citizen, you must be a resident for at least 15 consecutive days before you file a notice of marriage. For more eligibility requirements click here

  • You can file a notice of marriage with the registry of marriages online. But be sure you do that at least 21 days prior to the ceremony date.

  • Make sure you have all the essential documents is the third step in legalizing your marriage. Documents such as passports, birth certificates, and are usually required.

    Head here to get the official scoop on how to file and what documents you need.
  • How to tackle COVID-19

    Photo Credit: Twist Photography
    Can you believe it’s been almost a year since the change of plans and restrictions? Don’t worry. You don’t need to stress or postpone it anymore. There are many ways you can tackle it.

  • Make sure you practice a safe distance and safe management practices during your solemnization and other ceremonies.
  • Hold a virtual wedding and have a small intimate wedding instead. Read our article on how to host an epic virtual wedding.
  • You can Livestream the wedding for those who can’t attend. Browse our Livestream vendors to share your love online.
  • expecting the unexpected

    Planning ahead can help you foresee unexpected scenarios. Like the weather for instance.

    The weather- the one thing that is out of your control.

    Meticulously choosing the right season to get married is essential if you are planning for an outdoor wedding. One of the perks of getting married in Singapore is its tropical climate.

    “But a rainy day
    might get in the way,
    And ruin the awaited day”

    Fear not! You can pick the right season and the right day. Check this website for a weather prediction so you can prepare for clear skies or a rainy day on your special day!
    Photo Credit: Ario Narendro
    Bonus Tip: Want to make it as flawless as possible? Think about what time you are going to get married.

    Choose an evening wedding to help avoid the heat and enjoy a stunning sunset.
    Or, choose early morning and leave the rest of the day free to enjoy the time with your loved ones.

    Featured stories

    Let's hear it from those who have done it
    Photo Credit: Twist Photography
    Real-life HitchPlanner couple from Italy and Malaysia, Ricardo and Jovita share their experience
    1.Why did you choose to get married in Singapore and not in your home countries?

    Singapore is where we met, where I (Ricardo) proposed, and where we plan to raise our future family. Plus, the ROM only requires the future groom and the bride to be in town for the 15 days before the signatures of the papers.

    But, Malaysia requires 30 consecutive days and Italy was at the moment very far, and not logistically feasible. In addition to that, with a very simple, well organized website, a detailed list of documents to prepare and the possibility to book the slot for the ceremony at least 3 weeks in advance, planning the paper signature happened to be very simple and time saving.

    Singapore is where we met, where I (Ricardo) proposed, and where we plan to raise our future family.

    2. How did HitchPlanner help you plan your dream wedding?

    Hitchplanner helped a lot in making the day a memorable one. Before knowing about Hitchplanner, our intention was to have a very simple ROM. Only a few of us attending the signature of the documents due to the COVID-19 limitations and just having a simple gathering during lunch. This would have been very sad for our family members, not being able to be present and not being able to attend it via a live streaming session.

    Play Video

    After discovering HitchPlanner it was like finding an oasis in the desert. HitchPlanner did the best to arrange the live streaming, photos and additional activities that involved our family members too. They arrange a great live session on Facebook, so all our friends and family had the chance to easily connect, without any registration required and very user friendly.
    Everything was smooth, and simple.. making the day simply memorable!

    Photo Credit: Twist Photography

    3. How did you choose your vendors and what influenced your choice?

    The HP platform is such an amazing marketplace that we could find everything we needed all under one roof. In addition, Brenda and Lorraine were such an amazing help to suggest the best vendors to suit our needs and what we were looking for.

    4. Did you face any challenges getting married in Singapore as non-Singaporean?

    The COVID situation restricted us from inviting our families who are based oversea and capped number of guests for our ROM. Despite those challenges, and thanks to the help and cooperation from HitchP,lanner we didn’t encounter any additional problems during the whole day. It was very smooth, well organised and executed.

    5. Do you have any advice for future couples who are looking to get married in Singapore as a non-Singaporean?

    As non-Singaporean, I would recommend getting married in Singapore, because, like for everything in this country, the ROM system is perfectly organized to welcome anyone who is willing to sign the papers and spend the rest of their lives together.


    Congratulations! You now have all the tools you need in order to get married in Singapore as a non-Singaporean citizen!

    Dive into Hitchplanner.com to start designing your dream wedding.

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